• Family Counseling

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    Relationships are a big part of life. Families who are more relationally connected to each other offer more protection to children for many of the risks they may face. Whether your family struggles are with a spouse, a child, a teen, or some other extended family member, at LifeStream Family Counseling, we can work together to help you all develop comfort with emotions and the know how to combine this with improved communication skills so that your family’s relationships can improve.

    One of my practice’s specialties is partnering with you to recognize styles of communication (including ‘co-dependence’) that may be contributing to struggles in your relationships. Once we have seen the patterns, we will focus on helping you develop tools and skills that lead to healthier communication – and ultimately healthier ‘family systems’.

    Every family, every relationship, is unique. Our process will be collaborative, and will be tailored to your needs. It is never too late to change, even when patterns run long and deep. If you’re interested in increasing your sense of well-being in your relationships, I’d love to work with you every step of the way. Please contact me today!