• Adolescents

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    Many parents have concerns with the behavior of their teens, yet are unsure where to go for help. Asking for help or advice from friends and family is not always comfortable, nor is it always helpful. As a parent, you know your child better than anyone. You know the day to day reality of the challenges you face. At LifeStream Family Counseling, we can work together to combine your knowledge of your teen along with my knowledge of child development, parenting strategies, and mental health concerns to help you find valuable insight. Together, we can determine areas of need with your child and develop meaningful goals. Discussing your concerns with a professional can give you some peace of mind.

    With most adolescents I will use a technique called “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” – working on altering actions and thoughts to help influence feelings.  As I now only work with teens 14 and older, your teen and I will decide together how to include parents in this part of treatment, depending on the issues involved.

    I look forward to discussing your teen’s situation, and helping your both find a more peaceful path forward!