• Executive Function: What does it mean?

    There are a myriad of resources to sift through on the internet.  This blog will allow me to highlight ones that I have found useful in my own searches for answers and easy ways to explain things.

    I recently was searching for information on how to explain Executive Function to clients and parents of clients with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and found this wonderful PowerPoint presentation from an organization in Arizona called ‘AZ Assist’ (You can view it here).  It was prepared several years ago (2010) but the first 10-11 slides provide a wonderful introduction to what Executive Function is, and how it can affect performance.

    Problems with executive function also affect people diagnosed with ADHD throughout life and can lead to a lot of strife in personal relationships and at work.  Understanding this can improve our relationships and feelings of frustration with those in our lives that suffer from these difficulties.

    I hope this resource can give you some insight into yourself or others.  If trying to deal with these realities affects you or someone you love counseling can help.  Feel free to contact me for further discussion.

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